Free Webinar: Handling Digital Communication during Crisis

Revamp your communication strategy with digital tactics that will ensure your business' visibility!

Being able to handle effectively your digital communication strategy during a crisis will bring added value to your management reputation, thus generating interest in your business. Through this webinar we want to help your business through our own experiences, and by sharing advices from all the participants to:

  • Adapt your communication strategy according to the existing context
  • Build a digital communication strategy that will demonstrate your commitment to the public
  • Determine what are the suitable platforms for your business’ needs
  • Show you how to quickly and effectively be present 

Join us on a Free Webinar on Thursday, April 2nd at 18:00 EET. Register today, and let’s share experiences between business leaders. 

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Date: Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

Time: 6 PM Eastern European Time (EET)

Duration: Minimum 1h

Streaming Platform: Zoom

Do you want to be part of this collaborative learning and growth experience?

Let us know what questions you have and we will find experts in our team and our business network to help. All of this is pro bono and with no strings attached!

Here are a few topics you might be interested in:

  • The crisis impact on your overall communication strategy;
  • Your product or service can benefit the local, regional or national community. How can you communicate this faster and more effectively so it can reach more people?
  • How to identify a content marketing direction that best suits the needs of your audience, in a context where customers' needs are changing;
  • Is my business' Social Media strategy handled efficiently?
  • How do I reconfigure my PR and Communication plan?
  • How do I change the communication with the prospects to ensure I keep them engaged?
  • Your business spent many resources into planning offline marketing activities of which you don't want to let go. How can you transform them into digital assets now? 

Let’s support each other with experience sharing and advice.

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Oana Lefter is an experienced marketing and sales consultant for the B2B market. Since 2008, when she joined NNC Services, Oana has been involved in hundreds of marketing and communication projects for clients on both the local and international B2B market. Oana is a Business Partner at NNC Services where she leverages her background of over 15 years’ experience driving business partnerships, streamlining processes and maximizing growth opportunities.

Oana Lefter

Managing Partner, NNC Services - Session Host & Moderator

oana lefter

Monica Condrache is one of the core team members of the NNC Services’ marketing team. For almost 3 years, Monica has been advancing the team’s efforts in building effective strategies as a Senior Copywriter & Project Manager. With an impressive number of projects she has been involved in, Monica has been helping the NNC Services to flourish the partnerships with the clients she has been working with, and to predict clients’ expectations, which accelerated the strategy process.

Monica Condrache

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, NNC Services - Co-Host


For a minimum of 1 hour, we will be addressing questions businesses have regarding the impact of the crisis on their communication strategy, and how they can transform the digital into a communication asset. 

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