Webinar Recording: How will AR&VR shape the post-COVID-19 marketing?


The Covid-19 context has considerably reduced the engaging experiences of brands - both B2B and B2C. Events, high-end video production and experiential marketing are all in doubt as efficient communication tools.

But there is a new way. The immersive way. VR and AR bring and deliver the promise of rich, engaging content, right inside the homes of consumers. Through their smartphones and a whole new, ever-growing range VR and AR headsets.

Alice Immersive Lab will be happy to showcase the potential of mixed reality technologies and its role in your marketing ecosystem. We have prepared a compact but powerful webinar with essential information for you to navigate these new mediums:

  • Your XR Strategy - Why you need one and how to start it
  • VR Storytelling principles
  • Your first XR project
  • Case Studies (corporate and SMB): KFC Romania and Das Bob Coffee Lab

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12 years as a creative and strategist in advertising & branding in multinational & independent agencies, both brand-driven and digital. Iulian perfectly understands the needs of agencies and brands, their business dynamics and how a creative concept can be adapted in immersive environments.

Iulian Bărbulescu - Alice Immersive Lab

Founder & Narrative Director - Session Host


3 years in XR production and innovation and 4 years experience in Investment Banking in London at Citigroup. Andrei has tested and mastered multiple immersive production approaches and finds effective solutions for any type of project, no matter the size, the platform or the deadline.

Andrei Ciobotaru - Alice Immersive Lab

Co-Founder & Product Director - Session Host



Oana Lefter is an experienced marketing and sales consultant for the B2B market. Since 2008, when she joined NNC Services, Oana has been involved in hundreds of marketing and communication projects for clients on both the local and international B2B market. Oana is a Business Partner at NNC Services where she leverages her background of over 15 years’ experience driving business partnerships, streamlining processes and maximizing growth opportunities.

Oana Lefter - NNC Services

Managing Partner - Session Moderator

oana lefter

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