Google Ads Setting Template

PPC is one of the main B2B digital marketing budget spend. To get the most out of your Google Ads budget, you need to understand how each campaign should contain unique copy, calls-to-action, offers, and destination URLs that match to the stage of the customer journey that the searcher is in. It might be tough to keep track of all of the different variations in a given situation.

Using this free Google Ads Settings spreadsheet template will enable you to:

  • Align your Google Ads campaigns with the appropriate customer journey stage.
  • Examine what each line of copy in your ad should contain, as well as which keywords should be included.
  • Show how to remove negative keywords and avoid exceeding Ads character restrictions to optimise and save a large amount of budget on Google Ads.

Keep tabs on the results of your Google Ads campaigns, and the financial impact they make on your business. This template is for you if you have PPC campaigns that you want to manage or if you are a PPC rookie who would benefit from a structured approach to campaign creation and administration.

One of the most useful features of this template is the ability to track the success of your campaigns that target searchers at various points of the buyer's journey, including awareness, deliberation, and decision.

Manage Pay-Per-Click campaigns for your organisation or clients by using this template as a guideline. If you're in charge of campaigns for a number of different clients, we recommend that you duplicate the spreadsheet so that each client has a copy of the spreadsheet. This will assist you in managing the campaigns of your clients and will offer you with a deliverable that you can hand over to each individual client individually.



Free Google Ads setting spreadsheet template download


Sorin Tufa

SEO & PPC Specialist

With over 8 years of SEO & Paid Ads, Sorin specializes in developing integrated marketing campaigns for B2B companies managing over 10 million dollars Google Ads budgets for campaigns that exceed 1:10 ROI.

A Google Advertising Certified Specialist, Sorin is a marketer who has experience managing online ad campaigns and a proven track record in creating successful campaigns with measurable results that have helped businesses grow and accelerate their efforts to go to market with a PASSION for Google Search & Display Ad campaigns on multiple client accounts: optimizing ad copy, using analytics data and lead tracking to optimize campaigns and constantly improve results for our clients.

Sorin actively analyzes quantitative data, identifying trends to develop optimization strategies and constantly improve results.


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